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Oral Health Care Professionals, L.L.C.
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P: (630) 963-6750
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****BREAKING NEWS FEBRUARY 23, 2012:  Fantastic news!  The Chicago Dental Society Foundation announced today that it will be creating a new dental clinic in DuPage County intended to replace the closed DuPage Community Clinic.  Kudos to the CDS Foundation for filling this void in dental care!  I will certainly be among the new batch of volunteers!  You can read the full CDS press release at http://www.pitchengine.com/chicagodentalsociety/chicago-dental-society-foundation-restores-access-to-dental-care-in-dupage-county.   Dr. Eric****

****June 1, 2011:  Unfortunately the DuPage Community Clinic will cease seeing dental patients on June 30, 2011.  Click HERE for a letter from Dr. Mark Nelson, Board President of the DuPage Community Clinic.  Similar dental services are rendered by the DuPage County Health Department for low-income residents of DuPage County that do not have dental insurance or access to care. Information on the DCHD can be found at www.dupagehealth,org/dental.  A GIANT thank you to everyone I've met at the DuPage Community Clinic, especially Ms. Patricia Ciebein.  Pat, you are one of the best!!  -Dr. Eric****

DuPage Community ClinicAcross Chicagoland and our nation, quality dental care to uninsured low-income patients is a rare comodity. Our Dr. Eric Jackson is activey committed to enabling all income levels having access to quality dental care. He regularly volunteers at the DuPage Community Clinic in Wheaton, IL where he and other volunteer healthcare professionals provide free care to low income, medically uninsured residents of DuPage County. It is a wonderful organization that has been helping DuPage residents for 16 years. If you are a healthcare professional who would like to donate your time & skills to the DCC, please speak with Dr. Jackson or contact the DuPage Community Clinic directly. Further information about the DCC can be found at their website: www.dupagecommunityclinic.org. The following information is directly from the organization's website.

DCC Mission/History:
The DuPage Community Clinic is a free clinic, providing healthcare for low income, medically uninsured residents. Staffed by volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals and funded by a grassroots network, the DuPage Community Clinic represents a true community effort. Formed in 1989, by Dr. Charles Ahn and Dorothy McIntyre of the Peoples' Resource Center, the DuPage Community Clinic started as a two day a month health clinic in an old house converted to a community center. However, it was clear that there was significant need for the clinic, and the DuPage Community Clinic received its own 501(c)3 designation in August of 1990 and became a separate organization from the Peoples' Resource Center. As the levels of poverty in DuPage County grew, so did the need for the services provided by the DuPage Community Clinic. What started out as a one room, two day a month medical clinic has become a full time medical and dental clinic, providing acute care, primary care and specialty medical care, dental care, mental health and behavioral health counseling and access to low cost prescription medications. Last year, the DuPage Community Clinic experienced significant growth due to the economic downturn. Last year we provided over 15,000 patient contacts and provided healthcare to 5,000 unduplicated patients, a 60% increase from the previous year. For these 5,000 DuPage County residents, we not only worked to restore their health, but also their hope.

About Access DuPage:
In 2001, the DuPage Community Clinic, along with DuPage County leaders, hospital representatives and other concerned community members, began the process of creating a medical safety net for the medically uninsured residents of DuPage County. In 2002, Access DuPage was formed. Access DuPage is a collaborative effort whose mission is to provide access to medical services to those people in DuPage County, IL who lack access because of economic reasons. The DuPage Community Clinic is a founding member of Access DuPage, and proudly participates in Access DuPage, as a "medical home" for many uninsured patients in DuPage County. In order to receive care at the DuPage Community Clinic, a patient must first be enrolled in Access DuPage. In order to qualify for Access DuPage you must:

* Reside in DuPage County for at least 90 days
* Be under the age of 65; (if you are over 65 you may be eligible for either Medicaid 630-530-1120 or Medicare 1-800-772-1213)
* Have a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
* Not be eligible for other health insurance programs (Medicaid, Medicare, KidCare, employer-sponsored insurance, Cobra, SSI, etc.)

The DuPage Community Clinic is a registration site for Access DuPage. Please contact the DuPage Community Clinic for registration hours. For additional registration sites, please see the Access DuPage website at www.accessdupage.org, or call (630)-510-8720.

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