The OHCP Quarterly Newsletter

2019 - June (Article Topic: "The Important of PH to Your Oral Health")

2019 - February (Article Topic: "Turn a 'Triple Play' for Your Patient")

2018 - August (Article Topic: "Canker Sore Pain Relief with debacterol")

2018 - April (Article Topic: "The many Benefits of dental Sealants")

2017 - December (Article Topic: "Use of the mallampati Score in dentistry")

2017 - July (Article Topic: "Adult & Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea")

2017 - March (Article Topic: "Can my dentist Help Cure my Headache? YES!")

2016 - November (Article Topic: "dental mouthguards: Part 3")

2016 - August  (Article Topic: "dental mouthguards: Part 2")

2016 - May (Article Topic: "dental mouthguards: Part 1")

2016 - February (Article Topic: "Oral Hygiene during Orthodontic Treatment")

2015 - October (Article Topic: "The Invisalign Experience with dr. Eric jackson")

2015 - July (Article Topic: "Bone/Socket Grafting: An Overlooked Advancement")

2015 - April (Article Topic: "Preventing the Spread of Herpes Labialis (Cold Sores/fever Blisters)"

2014 - February (Article Topic: "Bruxism (AKA Grinding of Teeth")

2014 -October (Article Topic: "my spouse tells me that I have terrible breath but I brush everyday and think I do a pretty good job! What can I do?")

2014 - July (Article Topic: “I hate getting my teeth cleaned or having dental work because I have such a terrible gag reflex. Is there anything that can help?”)

2014 - April (Article Topic: new Pediatric fluoride Guidelines from the American dental Association)

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